Ghosts of McRaven


These photographs of the "ghosts" at McRaven tour home were taken during an on-going investigation by The Ghost Preservation League and founder Janis S. Raley. Janis has been investigating and documenting ghosts and paranormal phenomena for twenty-five years.


During an on-site investigation of McRaven Tour Home the last week of May, 1998, the Ghost Preservation League was able to capture on film, a sequence of photographs showing the manifestation of energy forms near the Confederate burial sight in the back yard of the house. Although quite visible on film, nothing was visible to the naked eye at the time the photos were taken, under controlled conditions, with numerous witnesses. The photos have not been altered in any way with the exception of the confederate soldier, which has been enlarged and enhanced to see the figure more clearly. The figure itself has not been altered.






View from the east side of the house where the confederate soldiers are buried. All the preceeding photographs were taken on the same location.

















The next frame is a close up of the same
shot on the right side of the frame. Look closely and you will see a figure of a Confederate soldier.


































This frame is an enhancement on the computer of the soldier. Look at the wide brimmed hat, bedroll, shoulder, arm and hand holding a flag pole with a flag.





























The next frame was taken
a few seconds later.



















From the left: Barb Lloyd, Leyland French, and Walt Grayson. Take note around Barb's waistline.

























Look at the middle
of the frame.
























Walt Grayson with "orbs"






















East view of McRaven with "orbs" take note
of the downstairs windows from the right.

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