"The Most Haunted House In Mississippi!"

McRaven is known by many to be one of the most haunted houses in Mississippi.WaltGrayson of Grayson Family Productions calls McRaven, "The most haunted house in Mississippi". Grayson Family Productions offers 2 different videos featuring McRaven. The first is a video features only McRaven, and gives a complete tour of the house with the history. The second features a number of houses in Mississippi that are haunted, listing McRaven as the most haunted. This page will give you a brief explanation of the mystery behind the haunting so you can answer the question...Is McRaven the most haunted house in Mississippi?

The photo to the right depicts what could be

Mary Elizabeth Howard standing by the table in the parlor that is in the 1849 section of the house.



Many a soldier met their maker on the grounds of McRaven. A field hospital was set up during the siege of Vicksburg which accounts for many deaths there. Several mini balls dug up on the grounds bear teeth marks to witness the pain and suffering of these fallen comrades. Also it is believed that at least five of the house's inhabitants over the years died in or near the house. One of these five was John H. Bobb, who built the last section of the house. He died violently at the hands of Federal soldiers outside McRaven. Mary Elizabeth Howard's spirit is said to grace the home also. She is believed responsible for antics of the lamp which sits beside the bed in her bedroom. Her figure has also been seen on the flying wing staircase, and in the dining room. The wedding shawl which belonged to Mary Elizabeth has been known to hand out strange happenings. to some people it emits heat, and in some instances it will almost jump out of a persons hand.



One of the first spirits seen by the present owner, Leyland French belongs to William Murray who acquired McRaven in 1882. William Murray was seen on the staircase. As soon as he was recognized, French ran back up the stairs into the Bobb bedroom and locked the door. The next day he contacted the local Episcopal priest and had the house blessed. Murray's daughters, Ella and Annie, are other spirits that have been seen both inside and outside on the grounds.





A most interesting article written on the ghosts of McRaven is in the September - October 1989 issue of Mississippi Magazine. There are a number of nice photos accompanying this article. It is a must see if you are interested in this part of McRaven.



There is also a YouTube video regarding some of the hauntings that might interest you. Click Here!

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