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Meet the Spirits of McRaven: Mary Elizabeth Howard

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Welcome back to Inside McRaven! The home has been labeled as Mississippi’s Most Haunted House, and when you realize its history, you’ll understand why! The house was built in three distinct time periods – 1797, 1836, and 1849. Today, we’re going to be discussing the second section from 1836. More specifically, Mary Elizabeth, who’s been named our most active spirit!

Mary Elizabeth lived in the Empire Section of the home, with her husband Sheriff Steven Howard. Mary Elizabeth was married at twelve years old, to Steven, who was twenty-eight (A fairly common practice in the seventeenth century). She was fifteen when she finally became pregnant and gave birth, but died shortly after due to complications. Steven moved away after her death then died shortly thereafter, leaving the baby to be raised by his parents.

Her room is filled with many of her beautiful items, including her death bed but Mary Elizabeth Howard is very protective of her things. The entire room seems to demand your respect, even if nothing paranormal happens when you're there. Mary is known as one of our most active spirits and she's been known to show herself in photos, lead guests astray, and even play with children – but don’t worry – she’s also one of the friendliest spirits you’ll ever meet! See what you can discover about Mrs. Mary on our next tour or investigation!

Join us next time for more History, Hauntings, and Vicksburg Happenings!


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