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Candlelight Tours Are Back In October!

As you move through the candle-lit rooms of McRaven, get a first-person account of someone that called McRaven home.

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Friday, October 22

Saturday, October 23

Sunday, October 24

Friday, October 29

Saturday, October 30

Sunday, October 31



Saturday, October  9th

  • We offer private ghost investigations! You and your party will have exclusive access to "Mississippi's Most Haunted House" to hold your own investigation. Email or call 601-501-1336.

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Welcome to McRaven

   Named Mississippi's "Most Haunted House," visit the McRaven Tour Home where ghostly demeanor has been broadcasted on A&E, The Travel Channel, 48 Hours, and "Look Around Mississippi." Step back in time to Vicksburg's finest, totally authentic, pre Civil War home with the most complete way-of-life tour. Built and remodeled in three different time periods, every room is lavishly furnished and reserved with museum-quality antiques including a pioneer kitchen. National Geographic Magazine has labeled the McRaven Tour Home the "Time Capsule of the South." Enjoy strolling through the three-acre gardens, once a Confederate campsite and field hospital. Discover and experience the famous and infamous people of McRaven, and why their spirits have never left.

McRaven's History

   Want to learn a little more about the history of McRaven before you come for a tour? Check out this clip from a 1998 documentary about Civil War Ghosts in which we are featured!

To view the full video, please use this link:

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