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Saturday, June 17th

Saturday, July 1

Saturday, September 2

Saturday, October 7 and 

Saturday, November 11

We offer private ghost investigations! You and your party will have exclusive access to "Mississippi's Most Haunted House" to hold your own investigation. Email or call 601-501-1336.

Visit the Events page for details!

Welcome to McRaven

   Named Mississippi's "Most Haunted House," visit the McRaven Tour Home where ghostly demeanor has been broadcasted on A&E, The Travel Channel, 48 Hours, and "Look Around Mississippi." Step back in time to Vicksburg's finest, totally authentic, pre Civil War home with the most complete way-of-life tour. Built and remodeled in three different time periods, every room is lavishly furnished and reserved with museum-quality antiques including a pioneer kitchen. National Geographic Magazine has labeled the McRaven Tour Home the "Time Capsule of the South." Enjoy strolling through the three-acre gardens, once a Confederate campsite and field hospital. Discover and experience the famous and infamous people of McRaven, and why their spirits have never left.

McRaven's History

Want to learn a little more about the history of McRaven before you come for a tour? Check out this clip from a 1998 documentary about Civil War Ghosts in which we are featured!

To view the full video, please use this link:

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