If you loved your tour through McRaven, you'll love our t-shirt!


This adorable 12" bear represents the story of Theodore Roosevelt and his visit near Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1902. Invited by the govenor to go on a hunting expedition. When the hunting guides tracked down a bear and tied it to a willow tree for the president, he refused to shoot it as it would be "unsportsmenlike." Clifford Berryman then drew a cartoon of the President that appeared in the Washington Post, November 16, 1902. Toy manufacturers picked up the story and quickly released the first "Teddy bear" and American lingo was forever changed to a stuffed bear.


Our coffee mug holds 16oz. of your favorite beverage. It's a bistro style mug with a nice rounded handle for "man hands" or grab-and-go. The round mug has a smooth, molded flat finish, perfect as a gift or for yourself!


This beautiful 10.5 oz. wine glass has an Angelique twisted stem in our signature McRaven purple. Both elegant and durable, it's made of the highest quality glass here in the U.S.A.


This 16oz. McRaven glass is perfect for mixed drinks and pint glasses. When you drink from it, you'll see our signature purple. The rim is wide and the base is stable. The glass is made durable and of the highest quality. Why not add a set to your kitchen cabinet?


Frosted glass has the purple McRaven logo to remind you of the many spirits here. The glass has a velvet soft feel and is perfect for any collector.

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Located at 1445 Harrison Street, Vicksburg, MS 39180  

Telephone: 601-501-1336

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