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Ghosts of McRaven

Mary Elizabeth Howard

Mary Elizabeth Howard is our most active spirit. She died at a young age in 1836 shortly after childbirth. She was the lady of the house as the empire section was built by her husband, Sheriff Steven Howard. If you visit McRaven, you may get a glimpse of Mary Elizabeth.


Andrew Glass

Andrew Glass was a notorious highwayman who likely built McRaven as a hideout. He robbed people on the Natchez Trace and built two rooms at McRaven to count his spoils. Oddly, the room is not all that different from the way he left it nearly 200 years ago. His spirit is active at McRaven, come only if you dare.


John Bobb

John Bobb built the grand Greek Parlor and Master Suite of McRaven. He survived the Vicksburg Siege at McRaven, only to be murdered a year later by Union troops. Come and hear his story as this prominent businessman met his tragic end, and how he still strolls his balcony.


"That's a funny old clock."

Listen to the famous EVP caught within the McRaven Home by the Smoke and Mirrors paranormal investigators.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

[N.] Sounds on electric audio recordings interpreted as spirit voices.

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*If you are interested in participating in a Paranormal Investigation at the McRaven House, please call 601-501-1336.

McRaven Tour Home
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