Monthly Ghost Investigation: Saturday, May 28      $75.00

Come learn about the house and family history at our 8:30pm Haunted Tour, followed by a Q&A session. Then the investigation begins! The investigation will last until around 1 or 2 am, depending on the spirits, and is very hands-on; the guests are the ones holding the equipment and asking all the questions! You won't want to miss this awesome night!! 


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Saturday, June 18

Sunday, July 3

Saturday, August 6

Saturday, September 3

Saturday, October 8

Private Investigations         Call for price

Do you have an interest in the paranormal? Do you and/or your friends enjoy investigating historic haunted houses? Did you know McRaven offers private ghost investigations? It's true! By booking a private investigation you and your party will have exclusive access to "Mississippi's Most Haunted House" to hold your own investigation! Email or call 601-501-1336 to learn how you can book your private investigation today!