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Monthly Ghost Investigation: Saturday,  June 17th        $75.00

Come learn about the house and family history at our 8:30pm Haunted Tour, then get to know the rest of the guests and investigators as we enjoy refreshments during a Q&A session. Then the investigation begins! The investigation will last until around 1 or 2 am, depending on the spirits, and is very hands-on; the guests are the ones holding the equipment and asking all the questions! You won't want to miss this awesome night!! 

Private Investigations         Call for price

Do you have an interest in the paranormal? Do you and/or your friends enjoy investigating historic haunted houses? Did you know McRaven offers private ghost investigations? It's true! By booking a private investigation you and your party will have exclusive access to "Mississippi's Most Haunted House" to hold your own investigation! Email or call 601-501-1336 to learn how you can book your private investigation today!

Ghost Investigation: Saturday, September 25th        $75.00

On September 25th,  ghost hunting teams around the world will start their investigations at their chosen haunted locations, for National Ghost Hunting Day! Come be part of the 6th Annual World's Largest Ghost Hunt!

Ghost Investigations Explained

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