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Is There A Market For Haunted Honey?

It's not unusual to hear strange noises, or to see something move out of the corner of your eye at McRaven. It's actually kind of expected considering McRaven is "The Most Haunted House in Mississippi". But recently we made a startling discovery not of the paranormal kind and not even of the supernatural variety - but one of the old, regular-natural kind.


Bees had taken up residence at McRaven, and that too, is not terribly surprising considering that the house is nestled away and nearly hidden on the land on which it sits - even though it sits right in the middle of a bustling town. Surrounded by lush overgrowth on the property, with plenty of nearby sources of pollen, McRaven had become home to more than enough bees than you would ever want to shake a stick at.

Being a tour home, where you have many people that visit, some with possible allergies to bee stings - which can lead to very undesirable outcomes, is not something that we take lightly. So the bees needed to be removed safely from the property.

We called upon Crorey Lawton of the Company Bee, a local micro-business in Vicksburg, to come and assess the bees and to find a new home for them. And of course, like any proper haunted house in the South, it turned on a little bit of that paranormal charm.

An account of what transpired when Crorey came out to have a look see at our bees can be found on his company blog: Company Bee Blog - McRaven

So if you are in Vicksburg, and you decide to pick up some local honey and start seeing ghosts or have a shiver run up and down your spine, well, that's probably why.

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