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Meet the Spirits of McRaven: Andrew Glass

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Welcome back to Inside McRaven! The home has been labeled as Mississippi’s Most Haunted House, and when you realize its history, you’ll understand why! The house was built in three distinct time periods – 1797, 1836, and 1849. Today, we’re going to be discussing the first section from 1797 – Andrew Glass’ portion of McRaven.

At this particular time, the Louisiana Purchase hadn’t happened yet, and the area was divided between the Spanish and the French. Vicksburg wasn’t Vicksburg yet, but rather a Spanish colony called Walnut Hills. At the time, Andrew was an infamous highwayman. He would rob the Natchez Trace and hide out in is two-story two-room home he built in 1797 – which is now the first section of McRaven Tour Home!

Andrew ultimalty met his death when he couldn't turn from his treacherous ways. His room is always active and emotional. Women claim to be touched when visiting his room, and men suffer irrational bouts of anger. We once had a psychic come through and said that if anything goes missing at McRaven, then Andrew was responsible. But don’t worry – we’ve never had anything stay missing for too long. It always shows back up! Come and see if you experience Andrew on one of our tours or investigations!

Join us next time on Inside McRaven for more History, Hauntings and Vicksburg Happenings!


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