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Paranormal Experiences - McRaven Tour Home: Kylie

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Welcome back to Inside McRaven, the blog for all things history, hauntings and Vicksburg Happenings! Today we will be focused on the haunted side of things. As most of you know, we are "Mississippi’s Most Haunted House" and being a tour guide at McRaven allows you an up-close and personal experience with all the spirits of the home. Today we will be sharing Kylie’s experience! She has worked at McRaven for a little over a year now and will be moving out of state soon. While we are sad to see her go, we couldn’t help but share one of her stories!

Here at McRaven we love it when kids come through with class trips or with their families! And often times, little boys will start to play with our little ghost boys. Boys will often describe a little red headed kid that likes to mess with guests and just wants a friend to play with – we call him Eric.

One day, Kylie opened the door for a family of three: a mom, a dad and a little boy maybe 6 years old. She noticed immediately how well behaved the boy was and how excited the parents were to be at McRaven so she knew it was going to be a great tour!

She started her tour in the Parlor when all of a sudden, the little boy started running around laughing. It didn’t really phase her at first because she know kids could get bored on tours and insisted to the parents that the boy was fine. She continued on with her tour but slowly she started to notice that the boy was talking to someone. He would point and whisper questions under his breath and then lean in as if someone was whispering in his ear. He never touched the antiques because he remembered the rules, and he stayed pretty quiet since he was so polite – but it was obvious to Kylie what was going on.

As she continued on with her tour, she watched him closely. She had never seen anything like this and she was amazed! She figured at some point the boy would come back to reality and start listening to her. Once they got up stairs into the master bedroom, the little boy seemed to be listening intently to what Kylie was saying. He politely raised his hand to ask her a question, “Will you tell them about the bathtub? Eric likes that story, it’s funny.” Kylie was shocked by this because at this point it was very obvious what had just happened. The man’s bathtub that is in the corner of the room was usually the last antique she talked about before moving on from the room, yet somehow this little boy already knew about it. She was taken aback for a moment but eventually gained her composure and told him about the bathtub.

As she was walking onto the balcony, the boy ran in front of her laughing hysterically and yelling “hey, wait for me, wait for me!” When they stepped into Mary Elizabeth’s room, the boy immediately calmed down as if he saw Mary as a mother-figure and wanted to respect her. He didn’t move or talk in this room, he just patiently listened to Kylie.

The final stop of the tour was the dining room and kitchen. Once again, before Kylie could finish her tour, the boy asked to see something that he shouldn’t have even known about yet – the old kitchen. She sped through the dining room to meet the boys request. But as he walked into the kitchen, he scrunched his nose and said “This is really old,” before proceeding to run into the courtyard to play and laugh with nobody that Kylie could see.

Kylie continued the tour with the parents, while still keeping an eye on the boy. But to this day, Kylie still says it’s one of the most amazing things she’s ever witnessed on tour and maybe ever!

Come visit McRaven for one of our history tours and see if any of the ghosts talk to you!! Join us next time on Inside McRaven for more History Hauntings and Vicksburg happenings!!


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