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Updated: May 1, 2019

McRaven Tour Home Pre Victorian Time Period

Welcome back to Inside McRaven! From 1797 when McRaven was built to 1960 when the last of the Murray family moved out – McRaven has been around for centuries. We’ve all heard the phrases “Victorian,” “Edwardian,” and even “Romantic,” but what do they all mean?

Look no further! On today’s blog post we have a break down of all the time periods of McRaven for you!

  • The Colonial / Revolutionary Time Period (1763 – 1783) Colonial and Revolutionary history covers the solidification of the colonies and the start of the Revolutionary War. (The frontier section of McRaven was built in 1797 by Andrew Glass.) George Washington becomes the first president, and the United States become free from Great Brittan. Mississippi happened to be a part of Spanish territory at this time and Vicksburg was a Spanish colony called “Walnut Hills.”

  • The Romantic / Pre-Victorian Time Period (1800 – 1850) With the Louisiana Purchase making a large portion of North America part of the United States, and Thomas Jefferson hiring Lewis and Clark to survey the land he bought, the Romantic and Pre-Victorian era began in earnest. In 1817, Mississippi becomes the 20th state of the United States. Steamboats began to flood the Mississippi and its fellow streams at this point. (The Howards purchased McRaven and built the Empire section of the home in 1836, directly adding to what Andrew Glass built some forty years previous.)

  • Antebellum (1830 – 1870) The Antebellum period in American history was marked by great economic growth in the south, which would eventually lead up to the Civil War. Vicksburg (and particularly McRaven) was a stopping point on the Trail of Tears. In 1849, John H. Bobb would purchase McRaven and build the Greek Revival section, directly on top of what the previous two inhabitants had already constructed. With the Civil War erupting in 1861, the states tore themselves apart. The town of Vicksburg would play its part in the war. From May 18, 1863 to July 4, 1863, a bloody 47 days, the Union sieged the Confederates, shelling the city to splinters. For many years afterwards, the citizens of Vicksburg, rather than celebrate July 4th with the rest of the nation, held a somber remembrance of the blanket of death that covered their home.

  • Victorian Era (1837 – 1900) In America, the Victorian Era was filled with uncertainty in our culture, so many wealthy citizens copied the habits and dress of Europe and France, with a burgeoning middle class copying the upper class. With the Industrial Revolution coming to a close, this period is known for poets and writers – Emily Dickenson, Edgar Allen Poe, and Mark Twain. The Pony Express came into being and died in this time period, becoming a brief sigh in American history. (And it’s also at this point that William Murray buys McRaven in 1882 and raises his family there.)

  • Edwardian Era (1890 – 1914) The Edwardian Era was a progressive era resulting from rapid industrialization in America. Women’s Suffrage made its way into our nation’s consciousness, as well as the invention of silent films. The Great San Francisco earthquake occurred in this point of time, claiming untold lives. And it was here that we saw William McKinley become president in 1897 and then Theodore Roosevelt in 1901.

And that wraps up the varied time periods and history of McRaven. To learn more about these time periods and see it all in person come check out McRaven for history tours!

Join us next time for more history, hauntings and Vicksburg happenings!

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